Discover Filipino Martial Culture and Have Fun As You Learn How to Defend Yourself Against...

Edged Weapons knives or box cutters are extremely common, often carried for work or utility purposes.

Impact Weapons

...are anything blunt, like a club or bat, a pipe, or even a chair being swung at you.

Unarmed Assault

...can be made a LOT less complicated when you understand how to deal with an armed attacker!

How Training Works...

First - We're a Tribe, Not the Armed Forces.

I used to belong to a martial arts organization that borrowed a lot of its discipline standards from military discipline - both because of the origins of the cultural origins of the art and because many people who studied it and brought it to the US were exposed to it because they were part of the military. Discipline is important, but it can come in different flavors. Dig?

Training in the Filipino martial arts is different. Yes, we maintain discipline while training because playing around can lead to people getting hurt - especially with weapons - but we're more about friendship and being a family than being a General and a bunch of soldiers.

An inappropriate joke now and again is right for the group - maybe not what you expect to read about a martial arts instructor's expectations for his students but rapport and trust is super important, as well as for everyone to feel like they can be themselves.

Our Self-Defense Philosophy

Training in ESKRIMA (es-KREE-mah, one of many umbrella terms for the Filipino martial arts) is really practical. You and your training partners will learn to become effective with weapons so you can all also learn to defend yourself against people who are effective with weapons.

When I was younger and trained in a bare hands and feet martial art - I had this attitude that somehow having to defend myself with a weapon would make me less honorable.

Now my attitude - and the one I share with my students is - get home safe, whatever that takes.

Other Attributes of Training You'll Have to Try a Class Out For to Appreciate

Stacked Combative Education

Trigger-Based Defensive Automation Concept

"There's Always a Weapon" Default Mindset

PRISM Instruction Concept:
"Practical, Rapid Installation of Skills Methodology"

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